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Earth Science Software

Our JavaScript software is free to download and redistribute. The programs should run on any device with a modern (HTML5) webpage browser but Internet Explorer is not recommended as it is not fully HTML5 compliant. Programs are currently available for the following:

DELTA: Modelling the cross-sectional architecture of a delta in response to changes in subsidence, sea-level and sediment supply

Typical output from delta modelling program

HANGINGWALL DEFORMATION: Kinematic modelling of hangingwall deformation in response to extension, contraction and inversion.

SHOT RECORD SIMULATION: Forward modelling of a seismic shot record to illustrate effects of noise, multiples, ghosts, attenuation and display parameters.

SEISMIC VELOCITY ANALYSIS: Seismic velocity anlaysis exercise using synthetic data.

RESERVOIR GEOPHYSICS: Forward modelling of seismic response to a hydrocarbon-filled anticline along with amplitude versus angle (AVA) elastic impedance and time-lapse (4D) analysis tools.

RESERVOIR FLOW: Simple modelling of hydrocarbon flow through channel and fault networks.

CO2 INJECTION: Simple modelling of CO2 flow into a reservoir.

MILANKOVITCH CYCLES: Calculation of ancient Milankovitch cycle periods and their uncertainties.

ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE: Simple model of anthropogenic climate change which introduces the concepts of mass-balance of greenhouse gasses and of climate sensitivity.

THE WATER AND CARBON CYCLES: Models produced specifically for schools; especially students taking A-Level Geography.

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