CO2 Injection Simulation

An Msc Energy Geosciences Tool

David Waltham, Royal Holloway

September 2020

Surface Temperature (C): 10
Temperature Gradient (K/km): 30
Pressure Gradient (MPa/km): 10
Depth (km): 2.0
Permeability (mD): 2000
Porosity (%): 12
Thickness (m): 125
Injection Duration (yr): 20.0
Injection Rate (Mt/yr): 1.0
Well-bore Radius (m): 0.10
Calculated Values
Model Radius (km): 3.0

Mathias et al (2009) for CO2 profile and pressure calculations

Likhachev (2003) for water viscosity calculations

Heidaryan et al (2011) for CO2 viscosity calculations

Bahadori et al (2009) for CO2 density calculations

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