An Msc Petroleum Geoscience by Distance Learning Tool

David Waltham, Royal Holloway, February 2022


Gas column (m): 50 Oil column (m): 50 Reservoir thickness (m): 100
Porosity (%): 20 Frame K (GPa): 10 Cap rock Vp (m/s): 2600
Water Sat (%): 70 Gas fill: Natural gas Carbon dioxide
Fluid Fill     Vp Vs Density P-Impedance S-Impedance
   Click in window to move gather location
AVA Shuey 2-term Angle Gather (click in gather to select event)
Angle independent displays: Stack Gradient
Angle dependent displays: Constant θ EI Angle (°) 20
Common options: Low-cut filter   Hi-cut filter   Noise 4D (gas increase by 5m)
 Click on reflections to generate points in gradient/intercept plot

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